• Model: Delta 34-184 Tenoning Jig

  • Where Purchased: Amazon

  • Price Paid: $100

  • Why Purchased: One construction technique I want to use in my projects is mortise and tenon joinery. This jig will help me cut the tenons on my table saw. I will then cut the mortises using my mortising machine.

  • Impressions: This jig had some initial set-up issues. The miter bar on the bottom of the jig has width adjustment screws so that you can remove any side-to-side slop as the jig slides in the table saw's miter slot. One of these screws was cross-threaded into the miter bar. Delta customer service quickly sent me a new miter bar and adjustment screws, which fixed the problem.

    Another problem I had is that the miter slot in my table saw is farther away from the blade than this jig was designed to handle. To fix this problem, I had to mount a piece of 3/4" plywood onto the jig so that the piece being cut could reach the saw blade.

    With these problems solved, the jig works beautifully.

    TIP: Make sure to put some paste wax on the table saw table and on the bottom of this jig. It will slide much more smoothly if you do.