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  • Model: Delta 14-651 Mortising Machine

  • Where Purchased: Amazon

  • Price Paid: $250

  • Why Purchased: One construction technique I want to use in my projects is mortise and tenon joinery. This tool will help me cut the square mortise holes that will accept the tenons I cut with the tenoning jig and table saw.

  • Impressions: As with the Delta tenoning jig, this tool had some initial set-up problems. The fence was not machined square, so Delta customer service needed to send me a new fence (which they did very quickly).

    With the new fence installed, this tool works beautifully.

    OPINION: It seems to me that Delta has initial quality problems. The design of their tools is good, and once you fix the initial problems, you'll have a tool that performs as advertised. But I have yet to get a good Delta tool right out of the box.

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