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  • Date Constructed: April 2015

  • Lumber: Cherry (planed to 3/4")

  • Dimensions: 67" wide x 14" deep x 35" tall

  • Stain: None

  • Topcoat: Tried & True Varnish Oil (4 coats) and carnauba wax (2 coats)

  • Overview:

I designed this table myself to fit behind the sofa as a place to display pictures, plants, and so on. It is styled similarly to the coffee table, but with no drawer and much different dimensions.

  • What I Learned:

Finish —  I love the boiled linseed oil and wax finish I used on the blanket chest, but I wanted a finish that's more durable. The coffee table has a durable Waterlox finish, but I wanted a finish with less shine.


A friend suggested I use a Tried and True product, so I decided to try their Varnish Oil. This varnish oil is thick like syrup. The directions say to apply very thin coats. Trust me, you cannot apply coats that are truly thin using a brush. I used shop paper towels, which allowed me to rub the varnish oil in with extremely thin coats, after which I returned an hour later to rub the finish dry. I applied 4 coats, waiting 24 hours between each coat. After the 4th coat, I let the piece cure for almost a week, and then I used steel wool to apply 2 coats of wax.


I think this may be my new favorite finish on cherry.

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