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  • Model: RT-1000LE Router Table

  • Where Purchased: RT-1000 Woodworkings

  • Price Paid: $250 (including shipping from Ontario, Canada)

  • Why Purchased: If you're using a router bit that doesn't have a bearing edge guide, you need a router table. A table is also necessary if you're using really big router bits (like panel raising bits). Having a big table surface with a fence really improves the accuracy of your cuts. Also, this table (and many others) provides a vacuum connection, to help minimize all the sawdust that a router generates. And, in general, it's safer to use a router that's in a table than using the router freehand.

  • Impressions: This was the nicest router table for the money I could find. It's solidly constructed, except for the quality of the drawers, which is cheap when compared to the rest of the product.

    TIP: That extension piece on top of the fence is for clamping finger boards. The extension does not come standard with the router table, but the fine folks at RT-1000 Woodworkings added it at no extra charge when I asked about it.

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