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  • Model: Bosch 1619EVS 3-1/4 HP Plunge Router

  • Where Purchased: eBay

  • Price Paid: $230

  • Why Purchased: My little DeWalt router is good, but I needed more power and the ability to plunge the router bit (like when creating a stopped dado).

  • Impressions: I started by purchasing a Hitachi M12V plunge router, but I found that power switch and plunge lever were awkward to use when in hand-held mode. So I returned that router and bought this one instead.

    What an improvement! The power switch is embedded in the right handle, so turning this machine on and off is like on a circular saw—just squeeze and go. The plunge lever is right at your left hand's finger tips, so that's easy too. More control means less chance of making a mistake that could damage your project or yourself. If the router will be in a router table 100% of the time, the Hitachi would probably be fine. But if you're also planning to use the machine freehand, I suggest paying the extra money and getting the Bosch.

    This router is very strong and smooth, and will handle big panel-raising bits with ease. The red button you see just below the router bit in the photo is the spindle lock, which works very well and allows you to remove/install the bit with only one wrench.

    TIP: The handles on this big router make it a wide machine. I had to remove some of the rabbet that supports the router plate in order to drop this router through the hole in the table (see photo above).

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