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  • Model: DeWalt DW733 12-1/2" Planer

  • Where Purchased: Amazon

  • Price Paid: $350

  • Why Purchased: A planer puts a smooth surface on a board. This tool is useful even if you buy surfaced lumber, and is required if you buy rough-cut lumber. When used in combination with a jointer, a planer will not only smooth a surface, but will make that surface parallel to the opposite surface that you previously flattened on the jointer. In other words, a planer and jointer together can remove warp from boards.

  • Impressions: This planer does a fine job of surfacing boards. Once you get the tables set correctly, you won't have a problem with snipe. This planer does often trip my circuit breaker, but that's not its fault—I need to run a dedicated circuit from my electrical box.

    TIP: If you screw the dust hood to the planer, you won't be able to fold up the out-feed table. So don't use the screws! There are clips on the dust hood that allows it to hang in position. When you're done planing, simply unclip the dust hood, fold up the tables, and put the planer away!

    ANOTHER TIP: The dust hood comes with a removable reducer so that you can connect a shop vac to the dust hood. This reducer also fits perfectly on the Ridgid jointer's dust port!

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