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  • Model: Starrett Combination Square with Protractor & Center Head

  • Where Purchased: Used on eBay

  • Price Paid: $85

  • Why Purchased: A good square is an investment in precision and refinement. I thought my cheap old square was dependable until I compared it against this square. What I found is that the 90° angle on my old square's head was square, but that the ruler wasn't square to the head. These are the kind of inaccuracies that can cumulatively add up as a project is being constructed, resulting in poor alignment and misfit pieces.

  • Impressions: This square is solid and reliable. All pieces slide smoothly and lock tightly into position. I know that this tool is accurate because when I slide the protractor head against the 45° face of the square head, the protractor reads 45° too.

    TIP: Not only should you use this tool to measure and mark your work piece, but you should use it to confirm the squareness of your tools too (e.g., is the jointer fence square with the table, is the table saw blade square with the table and parallel with the fence, etc.).

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