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  • Model: Fisch DP2000 12" Benchtop Drill Press

  • Where Purchased: Amazon

  • Price Paid: $175

  • Why Purchased: To drill holes with precise alignment, and so that I can use forstner bits and spindle sanding drums.

  • Impressions: This is a nice drill press. Assembly was easy. The motor is strong, allowing me to drill big holes with little effort. Changing the bit rotation speed is a simple procedure of changing the position of the belt on the pulleys.

    One nice feature of this drill press is that you can easily tilt the table without tools. The table has detents that indicate 0-degree and 45-degree tilt. These detents are not very precise, though, so I always check the angle with my combination square.

    The table that comes with a drill press (any drill press, not just this one) is not optimized for woodworking. Check out the drill press table I built to solve this problem.

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