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  • Model: Fein MSXE-636-2 Multi-Master Variable Speed Detail Sander

  • Where Purchased: Amazon

  • Price Paid: $180

  • Why Purchased: I originally purchased this tool to help with sanding tasks in hard-to-reach places. But it does so much more!

  • Impressions: This is a solid, well-built tool. With the variable head speed and the triangular sanding pad shape (which you can spin to any angle as needed), you can sand into corners and along inside edges with ease. As with any sander, it takes some practice learning to control the tool to achieve a consistent, smooth finish. But with experience, this tool helps me sand in places that no other sander will reach.

    But what really surprises me about this tool is its versatility. Replace the sanding pad with an assortment of optional Fein blades, and you really expand this tool's usefulness. I've used the carbide grout blade to remove dry tile adhesive from between newly installed ceramic tiles to prepare the floor for grouting. The E-Cut blade lets me cut wood flush with another surface, and cuts already-installed material that you can't get at with other tools.

    I will admit that this tool is more expensive than other detail sanders on the market. Trust me, it's worth it! Not only does it easily perform challenging sanding tasks, but it will help you in many other ways as well. This has become one of my most frequently used power tools.

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