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  • Date Constructed: January 2003

  • Lumber: Poplar

  • Dimensions: 12" wide x 5.5" deep x 20.5" high

  • Stain: Minwax Red Mahogany

  • Topcoat: Minwax Fast Drying Satin Polyurethane

  • What I Learned: I built this project to learn how to cut dado slots, and to learn rabbet joinery.

  • What Didn't Work:

    • Miter Gauge -  The miter gauge that came with my table saw (which is similar to the gauge that comes with most saws) is a pretty imprecise piece of equipment. When testing my dado cuts on a piece of scrap, the dado slots were not parallel. I got better results referencing off of my rip fence instead. I should get a quality miter gauge someday, too.

    • Glue - I'm still struggling to figure out the best way to get rid of excess glue in corners before staining.

  • Get the Plan: ​I designed this CD rack myself. To save table space, I incorporated the subwoofer into the design. View and print the plan.

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